I had the pleasure of talking with C R & Sons on the jobsite this week and drawing on their combined 100 years of experience with remodeling projects.  They really are among the best plastering companies in the area, and have been for decades.

On this project, they had to install weep screed and J-metal trim on the garage, then patch in level with the old stucco.  They used our PSB Premium Scratch & Brown product, “which is factory blended with plaster sand and additives in order to get good hang and spreadability. The guys added Luminate cement to accelerate the set, so they could patch and apply the next coat the same day.” 


IMG_20150306_102841_716 (2)IMG_20150306_102745_662 (2)

Lupe applying PSB


The house had a combination of substrates… some new brown coat, some painted old stucco, and some unpainted old stucco.  The customer wanted to minimize cracking on the smooth-troweled Santa Barbara Finish, so Ciro’s crew applied a flexible polymer-modified, Basex crack reduction system with embedded mesh over the entire surface of the house, after water blasting off any loose material. This evened out the differential suction to achieve an even finished appearance, ensured bond even over paint, and will prevent up to 90% of cracking.

Alex applying base and mesh (Basex) crack-reduction system

Alex applying base and mesh (Basex) crack-reduction system

They applied the Santa Barbara Finish the next day and the walls look great… even color, solid bond, and so far no cracking.  These guys know what they’re doing, and Merlex products are perfect for these types of jobs.