As you recall I have a hillside house with planters on either side of the driveway. Water had been eroding the stucco on my house for many years. I scraped off all the material in some cases back to the CMU (Concrete Block). Then I applied Super Blockade as a waterproofing material. It would have been better to put the waterproofing material on the positive side (inside the planter) but it would have been a huge job to remove all the soil, weed cover and the landscape bark. So this is the next best thing. Following the Super Blockade I used LevelX to base the wall out and bring the material up to the level of the existing stucco. While it was curing I removed a small piece of stucco from the wall and took it into the Merlex lab. The lab guys matched the chip and gave me a new Merlex “P” number to order stucco. I had them make it in premix so I could use a drill and paddle to mix the material. I also bought some Acrylex at the same time to add to the stucco to insure the bond over the polymer modified base coat. Last Saturday we applied the Santa Barbara Finish and the color was really close! I know over the next six months it will look exactly like the rest of the house. The guys that did the smooth stucco were really good and actually took a day and a half to apply just 7 sacks of stucco! This shows how much effort it takes to make a smooth job look good. I waited three days after they were done and then applied Micro Seal II to the stucco. This is the last step in the attempt to keep moisture out of the finish material and not have a re-occurrence of the delamination.

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